Now Maybe I’ll Have Time

… to post here.

Apparently things went crazy while I was on a mental health sabbatical from KH. I woke up this morning thinking I felt like posting there, and it turned out that all the people I wanted to talk with had left.

Well, OK then.

Seeing how many months it’s been since I updated this, and remembering how excited I was when I started it, perhaps its time to shift gears.

Big hugs to any refugees who read this!

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4 Responses to Now Maybe I’ll Have Time

  1. Dilly says:

    Hi! Welcome um…back! Not really the right choice of words given the situation, but you know what I mean. :hug:

  2. Sara says:

    You don’t have to live like a refugee!! Now I’ve got a Tom Petty earworm… I’m going to pretend I have smilies, hopefully it won’t go haywire on me-:heart:

  3. Geek Knitter says:

    Yeah, thanks for the earworm…. NOT

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