Log Cabin Craziness

I was having a bit of a rough time last week, so my supervisor encouraged me to take some “me time.” What does a knitter do when presented with a couple of free hours in the afternoon? She goes to the yarn store, of course!

I’ve been wanting to make a throw blanket, because the ones I have are getting kind of ratty, and well, because I can, after all. Earlier this year I fell under the spell of Mason-Dixon Knitting, and after the third time I checked it out of the public library I just went ahead and bought a copy for my very own. What wonderful simple knitting, and what wonderful writing as well.

There’s a chapter about Log Cabin knitting, and I found myself going back to it over and over again. Smitten for sure. A chance to play with colors, and also excellent TV knitting, since it’s all garter stitch.

So, I took my desire for a throw blanket to the LYS and I came home with this:

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11 balls of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Superwash in various colors.

This is my progress as of last Friday:
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The only intimidating part is what the back looks like:

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I’ve been catching the ends as I go along, and I think I’ll spend a couple of hours soon weaving them in in another direction just to be safe.

I’m very happy to have a project going that doesn’t require much in the way of attention once the strips are established. Hockey season starts today, and I’d hate to miss a good play because I was counting stitches until the next decrease!

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5 Responses to Log Cabin Craziness

  1. essjay says:

    Thanks for knitting me such a fabulous blanket! :teehee: It looks wonderful and your color choices are stunning as ever. Enjoy your TV time! :hug:

  2. Geek Knitter says:

    essjay, I have some bad news for you… one of the colors is pink. Maybe the next one!

  3. Anna says:

    Looks like a perfect project for hockey knitting. :)Hope the me-time was/is helpful for you. :kram:

  4. Kate says:

    That looks absolutely lovely, Anree! I love log cabin blankets…and I hope your enthusiasm remains as strong as it is now. 🙂

  5. Rhoda says:

    Keep up the good work.

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