One Does What One Must

I’m working on another sweater, Véronik Avery’s Notre Dame de Grace (Ravelry link) from Interweave Knits.

I’m using the 1824 Wool I bought on my birthday road trip, which I must say is a joy to work with.

Mission Falls Teal

It’s soft and luscious and easy to knit. It’s even softer knitted up that it is on the ball.

I was cruising along on the sleeves, working the selvedge stitches, getting the increases in all the right places. I was on fire. I was going to set some kind of personal record with this pattern.

And then…

And then, when I was 110 rows into the sleeves, just about to start the decreases, I draped one of them over my arm and realized… I was making the pattern a size too large. It was going to be too big, and I might even run out of yarn.

I knew what I had to do. The sleeves had to be frogged and re-knit. I admitted it. I accepted it.

I put it off for two weeks.

Last Sunday I finally frogged them, reballed the yarn and started over again.

Sleeves (make two)
Cast on 38 stitches. Work set-up row, then work double moss stitch until work measures 1 inch from cast-on edge…

I’m on row 25 now. I may not be setting a personal speed record for this project, but at least the finished project will fit me when I’m done.

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2 Responses to One Does What One Must

  1. essjay says:

    That color is so dreamy! I hope you don’t run into any other problems with the sweater – frogging is so hard to do!

  2. it’s a harsh reality – but at least you have enough yarn for the size you intended to make… so that’s a good thing… 🙂

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