Very Belated Thanks

I have been remiss, and I appologize for not getting this written sooner.

Backstory: I got a message on Ravelry back in January asking about some yarn I had posted in my stash that I was willing to sell or trade. One of my fellow Ravelers was asking if I was still interested in passing it on, and when I said yes, she pointed me towards a blogger, Kosher Nostra, who had run out of yarn while making a project for her adorable baby.

We got in touch, and she offered to do a sale or a swap. The yarn was discontinued, I had no recollection of what I’d paid for it (how does that happen?), and it was mocking me. So I told her I’d send it to her and she could either send me a check or send me something pretty in return.

So I boxed it up and sent my husband off to the post office. A few days later I got another e-mail thanking me and saying there was something in the mail for me. What arrived was a most pleasant surprise. A set of stitch holders (how is it that I never had any of these), a set of darning needles (never can seem to find them when I need them), a lovely sock pattern, and, best of all, a set of lever-back stitch markers.


Aren’t they lovely? Wasn’t she generous? My goodness yes!

I know that I am months late with this, but thank you so very much. The elephant you finished for your son is lovely, and I’m so glad I could help.

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1 Response to Very Belated Thanks

  1. essjay says:

    The kindness of knitters blows me away everyday!

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