And Me Without My Camera

For those of you who might have found me through QueerJoe’s blog, welcome! I thought about doing a little sprucing up around the place, but the wireless connection in this room is a bit chancy, so I decided not to risk it.

Fall in my corner of the world… it’s a little different than the one’s I’ve been reading about on the blogs lately. Seasons here in the Willamette Valley tend towards the mild side of things. Not too hot, not too cold, snow a rare occurrence.

But it’s still fall, and today I wish I had my camera to share it with you all.

Looking out of the break-room window during lunch, I can see trees putting shades of yellow and red, with blue skies and puffy clouds as a background. It’s been cool in the evenings, but not what I’d call sweater weather during the day.

We’re having a rainy spell just now, with bands of storms sneaking up on us from the Coast Range to the west. Big boiling clouds come rocketing over the mountains, and the next thing you know the rain is coming down in absolute sheets, with drops the size of quarters hitting the ground so hard that they bounce back up and it almost looks foggy. Then the squall moves on, the sun comes out, and the heat starts to evaporate the rain.

And me without my camera.

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4 Responses to And Me Without My Camera

  1. Stine says:

    You can have some of Boston’s frigid weather. It was 42 when I went out to catch the T this morning. brrr!

  2. Georgie says:

    I think autumn/fall and spring are my favourtie seasons – a mix of temperatures, nothing too extreme, and fabulous colours around, whether its leaves turning or flowers bursting out everywhere. Bummer no camera.

  3. essjay says:

    Fall is by far my favorite season – I think it was growing up in Vermont that did it to me! I do hope you can get some pictures to share! Congrats on the shout out on QueerJoe’s blog – how cool!

  4. Jen says:

    Ahhh…I just read your quote on Joe’s blog. You’re a wise, wise woman, Anree. But we already knew that! 😉 Fall’s my favorite, too. It’s almost as mild here as it is there, and I love all the turning leaves! Get us some pictures, woman!

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