And Then They Were Done

I really got the bit between my teeth with these Basic Birthday Socks. Once I got the heels figured out, it seemed like they just flew off the needles.

Nearly there…

All that time off of work last week was a big help, I’m sure. I was trying so hard to get them done this weekend… probably too hard. Sunday afternoon I picked up a pitcher of water, and my right wrist twinged at me pretty hard. Deciding that discretion was the better part of valor (no carpal tunnel if you don’t mind) I put down my knitting and watched TV.

Just sat.

And watched.

How do they do it, all those people who don’t knit? I was fidgeting within ten minutes, making my husband shoot me odd looks and just in general feeling uncomfortable. I finally gave up and picked up a book, which is guaranteed to make me settle down.

An evening of rest was all that was required, and I was able to finish off one sock on Monday night and the other one Tuesday night.


I’m very happy with them. They fit pretty well, although the next time I make a pair like this I’ll probably use 60 stitches instead of 64. This yarn is sooo soft. The only possible quibble I have is that I like my sock-yarn with a bit of a tighter twist, but really, that’s digging pretty deep to find something to complain about.

Fat Stripe

I’m still in love with the different patterns I got. Good thing I like mis-matched socks, isn’t it?

Skinny Stripe

Project Details
Pattern: K4 P1 until you’ve nearly lost the will to live, short-row heel (finally) and round toe
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential in Jester Multi
Needles: US 1 ½ (2.5 mm)
Time: 23 October 2008 – 7 January 2009

I’m a wee bit embarrassed about how long this next pair has been languishing. All that was left to do was to graft one toe and weave in the ends. And yet there they sat, as if I expected someone to just do it for me. Meanwhile I’ve pitched out three pairs of store-bought socks in the last month.

I called this pair “Will These Fit” in my Ravelry notebook, because I started them after needing to give away two pairs, one too big and the other too small. Maybe I was afraid to finish them because I didn’t want to discover that I’d knit another pair of socks for someone else. Even though once I turned the heels and decreased the gussets, I was trying them on about every ten rows or so…


They do indeed fit, and I’m quite pleased with them as well. I used a trick I picked up when working on Monkey, which involves knitting through the back loops of the picked-up heel flap stitches on the next round. I like the sharp line it creates and I think I’ll keep using it.


Project Details:
Pattern: Slip Stitch Rib by Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Southwest Trading Company TOFUtsies, Colorway 741
Needles: US 1 (2 mm)
Time: 23 July 2008 – 7 January 2009 [oh wow, that’s even longer than I thought…]

There is something to be said about procrastinating about those last few steps… how often do you think I’ll be able to finish two pairs of socks in a single week?

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10 Responses to And Then They Were Done

  1. Rose Red says:

    Nice job on the sock finishing! I’ve got a bunch of wips to finish too.I know what you mean about not knitting while watching tv – it’s just plain wrong!

  2. Karen says:

    Lovely socks, both pairs! And I’ll have to try that trick of knitting into the backs of the picked up heel flap stitches — the result is cool! I have to confess to a deep love of pooling/flashing, so the Jesters are my favourites here….

  3. lilypily says:

    The first pair are such fun socks. I’d smile everytime I looked at my feet if I were wearing them. 🙂 And of course I love the second pair – they are green. Well done. I procrastinate too about finishing sometimes. And I can’t watch tv without my hands being filled with yarn and needles either.

  4. Bells says:

    oh yeah, that two pairs in a week thing is such a rush! I’ve been there. They are awesome, both of them. Love the sort-of striping on the Knitpicks pair – and the title – he he.That’s a great tip isn’t it, knitting through the back loop on the picked up stitches. Makes so much difference.And the TV line – wow, yes, so true. I was forced to sit through TV wihtout knitting when visiting friends once a while ago. They watch TV in the dark and I only had lace with me. I fell asleep.

  5. Anna says:

    I didn’t knit a stitch at all yesterday. I left my knitting at home as I knew I wouldn’t have much time to knit at work due to scheduled meetings. Coming home from a trip to the gym I decided to rest my fingers, my wrists, elbows and shoulders. I just watched TV. If I hadn’t curled up by my boyfriend I’m sure I’d have started fidgeting within minutes…I also watched a French mini series last week that required me to actually look (so I could read the subtitles) and it felt strange. :)Good job on the socks!

  6. Nora says:

    Both awesome. I’ve pretty much decreed that life is too short to knit socks on anything smaller than a US2 – I must lost my will to live a lot quicker than you do!

  7. Donna Lee says:

    Beautiful! I wore store bought socks the other day and was amazed how thin they felt and how unprotected my feet felt! My toes get cold easily and my nice, warm socks help keep them from freezing. I love the green pair. What a great pattern.

  8. Georgie says:

    Nicwe work – I like them both, but the first is my fave! I love the mis-matched-ness and stripes. I cant sit and do nothing either…I either read or crochet while Im feeding the Princess! (not that nursing is doing nothing, but I fall asleep if I dont keep my hands busy)

  9. Alwen says:

    Woo hoo! Isn’t that satisfying?I’ve been wearing purple handknit socks all day.

  10. Fantastic socks! I love the mismatched stripes, and the yellows!

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