Hand Knit Socks

There are so many wonderful things about them; I hardly know where to start.

How about all the lovely yarns?


They can have lace patterns:


They can surprise you with the different ways they flash and pool:


My first pair filled me with pride:


You can make them as long or as short as you like, experiment with different toes and heels, and even come to love 1×1 rib (one of my personal irritants).

And, you have to admit; they can really dress up a beat up pair of Chuck Taylors:


Next Up: A baby knitting update… will I ever be able to knit lace again?

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6 Responses to Hand Knit Socks

  1. KT says:

    Well, at least the tragically large rip in the chucks lets the beautiful sock show through!

  2. Rose Red says:

    I endorse this post wholeheartedly! Handknit socks are THE BEST!

  3. Alwen says:

    They even hold up to a full day of walking in the heat and then wash up and look great!

  4. Bells says:

    Endless scope for the imagination as Anne of Green Gables would say!

  5. Donna Lee says:

    Nobody believes the handknit magic until they wear a pair and then it's all "when can you make me another pair?". My first serious knitting (where I paid attention to directions and gauge and stuff) was socks. I love making them. After washcloths, they're as close to instant gratification as a knitter can get.

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