Let’s say, just hypothetically, that you found out the local paper was going to send a reporter/photographer team to your Wednesday SnB in a couple of weeks.

That they might be putting together a story about hand spinning and other crafts for one of the weekly inserts.

What would your first thought be?

Well, mine was “A photographer? I’ve got to finish Wisteria Garden!”

It looked like this on Wednesday:


Two weeks to finish about six inches of edging? No problem!

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14 Responses to Motivation

  1. Stiney says:

    Those sound like famous last words in the making. But I wish you luck!

  2. drkknits says:

    of course you can do that! i think youve got pretty strong motivation there!

  3. ~RaenWa~ says:

    That's great they are sending a reporter & photographer to your SnB very cool. I am sure you will be done in no time.

  4. Sure you can! Nothing like a deadline! Go go go!

  5. Rose Red says:

    Oh, I'd be the same!You can do it!!

  6. Anna says:

    Holding my thumbs for you! :kram:

  7. knitseashore says:

    You can do it! There's nothing like a deadline to make you push through to finish!!

  8. essjay says:

    Best of luck! It will make for some stunning photographs!

  9. Alwen says:

    Nothing concentrates my mind like a deadline. Knit knit knit!

  10. AlisonH says:

    Have fun showing it off!

  11. Donna Lee says:

    So what are you doing on the computer? Go finish that thing!I tend to shy away from photos like that. Not sure why. I think it's interesting that they're coming to your knit group to write about them.

  12. Chandler says:

    That's so cool! Good luck with the press! If there's a link to the piece online you'll have to share it here.

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