Turned the Corner

Is it possible to turn the corner on a round shawl? It’s been an awfully long time since those geometry classes in junior high, but I’m pretty sure circles don’t have corners.

I’ll just call it a term of art.

I’m halfway through the border of Centrino… check it out:


I’ve done 18 repeats out of 36, and it feels like the finish is actually in sight. If I keep going at this rate, I may be able to finish two shawls in a month!

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10 Responses to Turned the Corner

  1. Alwen says:

    I love knitted-on borders, especially when I get to the point where the end is in sight.

  2. Mereknits says:

    Wow! So beautiful, good luck with the rest of it. It looks very complicated.Meredith

  3. janel says:

    This looks like another beauty. I love that color, what yarn is it?

  4. drkknits says:

    that is stunning! looks to me like youve turned lots of corners there!

  5. missfee says:

    I love the border too – it is unending but as you turn that corner/ half way point it seems to speed up

  6. Donna Lee says:

    The idea of turning the corner on a circular shawl seems counter-intuitive but I understand exactly what you're saying! Knitted on borders add such a nice touch that they're worth all the work.

  7. handeyecrafts says:

    Absolutely breathtaking.

  8. ~RaenWa~ says:

    That is gorgeous & great color can't wait to see it when it's done.

  9. Bells says:

    oh it is in sight! And it's going to look AMAZING!!!!

  10. Chandler says:

    Actually, I love it just like this, unblocked and all. It reminds me of a coral reef!

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