Two Hundred Ten

This is what you lot get up to when I leave home for five days.


Looks like I’ve got some reading to do…

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7 Responses to Two Hundred Ten

  1. Stiney says:

    That's all after 5 days? I'd be up to at least 500, probably more like a 100. I had over 100 unread items this morning, and I checked yesterday afternoon.-I read too many blogs.

  2. knitseashore says:

    It's hard! My inbox is appalling too!

  3. essjay says:

    I hope you made it through – that is the toughest part of walking away from the computer for a while!

  4. Ouch. And now you have another comment to moderate as well. These conveniences are not always so convenient.

  5. drkknits says:

    i love being away from the computer but coming back to it is always a nightmare! have fun with all that reading!

  6. TinkingBell says:

    I'm just catching up – I hadn't looked at bloglines for over 4 weeks – and there were well in excess in 800 waiting for me – and a pile of email that jack rice couldn't jump over.SighI'll be spending most of the holidays catching up… but I am glad you are well, that your shawls are beautiful and the babies are cute!

  7. Chandler says:

    Oy, I know. I'm in deep myself, after two weeks of deadlines and 8 days away. Ready, set, read!

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