New Digs… New Hobby

Hello hello, and welcome to my new home! I’m still figuring things out around here, so please forgive any hiccups or oddities you see. There are all kinds of cool buttons in this interface, and if I’m really lucky I won’t press the one that crashes the whole system.

So, when last we spoke (ye gods, has it really been a month?), I told you I’d fallen down the rabbit hole into another hobby.

The Black Sheep Gathering was held in June, and it was fabulous as usual. Three days of texture, color, fiber, yarn, cute animals, friends, workshops and laughter. It’s a wonderful way to start the summer, and it’s always one of the highlights of my year.

I’ve attended great wokshops in past years. I learned about Orenburg lace from Galina Alexandrovna Khmeleva in 2008, and about Faroese shawls from Joan Schrouder in 2009. This year I learned about beginning Drop Spindling from Jeane deCoster.

Jeane is a fabulous teacher, by the way. At the beginning of the class she had us all raise our hands into the air and solemnly swear to let ourselves suck at spinning for as long as it took us until we didn’t suck any more.

Four hours later, after dropping my spindle a few times and collapsing with laughter a few times, I’d done this:

Ashford spindle with Romney fiber

And that was it, I was seduced. The spinners have recruited me, I am doomed… and they don’t seem even the tiniest bit sorry about it either.

Later on, my mother and I went through the livestock barns and the marketplace together. I knew I was in trouble, I couldn’t stop petting the fiber… and my mother was out of control.

First she got me this:

A little later, we were both admiring some alpaca fiber… I swear, I turned my back on her for less than three seconds, and the next thing I knew, she’d bought this:

McKenzie Alpaca Breeders

Actually, she bought two, in slightly different shades. She gave me a look of pure innocence when I asked her what she was up to. Perhaps she has visions of an alpaca shawl.

Fianally, after I’d gone limp and stopped fighting her, she swooped down on this:

Dyelots! Merino Silk

A merino-silk blend from my friend Janis at Dylelots!

Really, there was only one course of action left for me to take.

Spindlewood Spindle

A lace-weight spindle from Spindlewood. Olive wood and ebony, 0.9 ounces and spins like a dream.

Doomed, I tell you. Simply doomed.

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11 Responses to New Digs… New Hobby

  1. TheBon says:

    I love wordpress so much. Happy move! Also, huzzah, spinning!

  2. drkknits says:

    oh no! the spinning bug! i have tried spindles so many times and am just useless, but you look like a natural. love the new digs.

  3. bellsknits says:

    I loved moving to wordpress! Congrats. It’s a great platform! And ncie to hear from you again after a break!

  4. Amanda says:

    I’m going to KnitNation tomorrow and want to see if they have spindles. I also would love to try those little looms for weaving.

  5. Rose Red says:

    Look at you, you made yarn!!
    I have thought about spinning…but I’ve already got too much yarn, without making more! Looking forward to seeing what pretties you make though!

  6. donna lee says:

    It is indeed a slippery slope. I bought spindles for two of my daughters for Christmas one year and the next year we all owned wheels. Your mom has good taste. Those colors are beautiful.

  7. Kathy says:

    Like the new digs! I can’t wait to see what you spin. I’m resisting the siren call of fiber and spinning. Should I, however, follow you down the rabbit hole, may I borrow your mother for a fiber festival or two? 😀

  8. KSD says:

    This is exactly why I am fighting spinning. Fighting, fighting, fighting.

  9. Sara says:

    Lovely lovely fiber!! I do hope you enjoy your new hobby – I can’t wait to see all the loveliness you spin & then knit up! Your new blog space is lovely too!

  10. Chandler says:

    Somehow, I thought it might be something like spinning. But now you’ll be able to give in to the temptation of all that lovely roving out there. Yum.

    Great new digs, too! Congrats on the blog make-over.

  11. janel says:

    heheheh… welcome to the dark side! You can’t go wrong with a Spindlewood spindle, chosen wisely you have.

    And those fibers are all truly lovely. Can’t wait to see some spinning at knit night!

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