Fair-ly Honorable

Our county fair was a few weeks ago, and I did something this year that I’d never done before. I entered two pieces into the knitting competition. Truthfully, it was a bit more nerve-wracking than I thought it would be.

First I read through the entrance guidelines for the different classes to find out which ones I should register for. No biggie, I can see where entering a lace shawl into a class for fitted cardigans could be confusing for the judges. The part which was a little tough for me was the bit in the on-line registration which said I couldn’t blame anybody if something bad like fire, flood or indelible stains, happened to my knitting. It occurred to me at that point that I was actually going to have to take my knitting to the fairgrounds and give it into Someone Else’s Keeping. Be still my heart… is this what it feels like to drop your kid off for the first day of school?

I didn’t cry, I promise you. I confess I got a little bit chin-quivery, but I did not cry.

If anyone reading this was one of the volunteers that day, please rest assured that I didn’t doubt your integrity for a moment. I know, just know in my heart of hearts, that in case of fire, flood or leaking pens, you would have saved my shawls.

It turned out that all my worrying was for naught. Not only did my shawls come back to me in perfect condition, but they both got ribbons.

Ancient Woodlands received an Honorable Mention in Knitted Shawls, Stoles and Wraps.

Ancient Woodlands Ribbon

See how the ribbon matches the color of the shawl?

Wisteria Garden also did me proud, getting Second Place in Fine Lace.

Wisteria Garden Ribbon

Red ribbon, pink stole… seeing a trend here!

I’m very pleased with my results, especially since I didn’t knit either of these shawls with any eye towards entering them into competition. I do believe I’ll be doing this again!

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13 Responses to Fair-ly Honorable

  1. Sara says:

    Congratulations!! They are both so beautiful!! I had the same difficulty relinquishing my hand knits for the state fair, but like you, I just had to trust the volunteers! I look forward to seeing your entries for next year!

  2. TheBon says:

    Congrats! I didn’t enter this year, but I did last.

  3. Stiney says:

    Yay! Knit something blue next year!

  4. Rose Red says:

    Congratulations! Both for the ribbons and for the bravery in entering! As Stiney has said, make sure you enter something blue next year!

  5. Bridget says:

    That’s so great! They are both beautiful, and I think winning any kind of award at the fair would be so exciting, I’d plotz!

  6. drkknits says:

    woohoo! thats totally cool! im so glad you had the courage to do it, and look at those ribbons, how exciting! great work!

  7. gidgetknits says:

    Congratulations! And have you cast on a blue shawl yet?

  8. donna lee says:

    I never thought about the handing over the knitted items part. That is a little bit hard. One day I’m going to work up my courage and self confidence and enter a knitted piece.

    Congratulations! I still haven’t started my Ancient Woodlands. The yarn is dark and I want to use the Ott light but it’s been too hot for all that extra light. Once the temps go down, I’ll give it a go.

  9. Kathy says:

    Clearly next year’s entry should be in a blue yarn! Congrats.

  10. AlisonH says:

    Congratulations! (Do I see blue yarn for next year? Oh, wait–I see I’m not the first commenter to be so brilliant.)

  11. Bells says:

    i’m so behind!

    I remember that feeling too. It took me by surprise entirely. And you did extremely well!

  12. Oh–defintely use blue for next year’s entry!! I’m pretty sure my State Fair would not be interested in my little dishcloth projects! Seems I can’t get beyond them lately. Congratulations on your wins.

  13. Chandler says:

    Congratulations!! You get a blue ribbon in my book. I’m woefully behind on blogs lately, so I’m late to the party here—but I’m so happy you entered your knitting and won! I keep trying to get the Tailor to enter his home canning at the Puyallup Fair, but I think he’s bashful.

    I owe you a letter—will send it shortly!

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