In Which I Forget and Then I Remember

I have something of a selective memory. I’m perfectly capable of forgetting things which annoy me, putting them out of my mind altogether and going merrily about my way.

Take knitted stripes, for instance. They look lovely, and they’re pretty easy. Just join a new color, cut the old one and away you go.

Pretty Stripes

Yep, simple as can be, all those pretty little v-shaped knit stitches doing just what they ought to. New colors every few rounds just to keep me interested.

More Stripes

Astute readers (which is to say every one of you who is not me) will have figured out what I forgot. To wit: Knitting in stripes means there will be ends to weave in. A lot of them.


This is the moment when I realized that I have in fact encountered this issue before. It just about brought me to my knees that time too. The only thing I can possibly say in my own defense is that the Baby Surprise was knitted nearly two years ago, and my mind did its usual fine job of forgetting about the tedium of all that weaving in.

Pardon me, won’t you? I’ve got a hot date with my darning needle.

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11 Responses to In Which I Forget and Then I Remember

  1. Stiney says:

    It looks like you could have carried the color up for at least some of those stripes! It would have minimized the amount of end weaving.

  2. Karen says:

    I hear you…not keen on that myself. That’s why I’m heartily in favour of self-striping yarns.

  3. donna lee says:

    I was going to suggest carrying the color up the side, too. Those ends are scary! I don’t envy you your date….

  4. Rae says:

    Oh that bites but if its any consolation the colors look great together.

  5. aliasAnnaJM says:

    Another one going for the carrying of colour. There’s no reason for you to cut the yarn every time you switch colour. And even if you end up spacing a certain colour out far, you can just fasten it like you do in stranded knitting every now and then…

    Love the colour combination!

  6. Rose Red says:

    heh heh, you’re funny! Go you with the darning! (this is why I rarely knit stripes unless I can carry the yarn up, or use self-striping!). But gee it looks good!

  7. drkknits says:

    aaaagh. i have just discovered the ‘carry up the side’ thing myself. thank god. i did that once, cut all the threads. never again.

  8. Miriam says:

    Hahahahaahaaaaaaaaaaa! That is hilarious. But soo true. I am currently contemplating a striped baby surprise. Please stop me before I hurt myself.

  9. AlisonH says:

    Darn it all! (Hope it wasn’t too bad!)

  10. LauraRose says:

    I always just weave in as I go. I’ve been told this isn’t advisable because it either “makes bumps” or isn’t sound or something, but I’ve never had any trouble with it. A hat seems a good thing to stripe since I have discovered that after a certain age horizontally striped sweaters aren’t terribly flattering; sigh.

  11. Chandler says:

    Ugh, yeah. I hear you. Weaving in ends=worst part about knitting, for me, anyway.

    And speaking of selective memory…I totally didn’t see where you were going with this at first. When you were talking about how you love knitting stripes, I thought the other shoe to drop would be that you hated the jog that happens (at the beginning of a row) when you knit stripes in the round. I even started nodding to myself…until I finally got to the part about weaving in ends. And then my own selective memory about the repressed horrors of it all came crashing down on me.

    Do you think the stripes are conspiring against our knitter memories? And then laughing to themselves every time we selectively forget and start another stripey project??

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