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In Which I Forget and Then I Remember

I have something of a selective memory. I’m perfectly capable of forgetting things which annoy me, putting them out of my mind altogether and going merrily about my way. Take knitted stripes, for instance. They look lovely, and they’re pretty … Continue reading

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Still Kicking

Wow, four weeks? That’s a bit much, I must admit. Things got away from me, although I’m happy to report that my garden is still in good shape. Funny thing, it turns out if I give 30-45 minutes over to … Continue reading

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Once More With Shoulders

I knit lots of baby things. You all know this. Mostly sweaters, with the occasional hat and a couple pairs of booties thrown in. Every baby should have something hand-made to grow into. Something made with them in mind. Something … Continue reading

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She Came To Me

You may remember that I knit Helena a few months ago. OK, OK, it was actually several months ago. Many several. I knit it, I wove in the ends, I washed it and I posed it on Paddington bear. I … Continue reading

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Seeing Red

Something strange has happened in my knitting bag. Every single project in there is red. Not just a little red, or red-ish, but really-very-extra-red. It’s not that I loathe or despise red, it’s just not a color I have very … Continue reading

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Baby Knitting

You know, considering my blissfully child-free state, it seems as though I do quite a bit of baby knitting. I blame my co-workers. In an agency with a 95% female workforce, at least one of them is expecting every year. … Continue reading

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Mesdames et messieurs, j’ai l’honneur de vous présenter ma petite nièce, qui s’appelle Chloe Grace. Here she is on her birthday, just a few minutes after her grand entrance. The Baby Surprise Jackets I knit for her arrived the day … Continue reading

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