Bring Back The Sun

And so the earth turns. The days here in the Northern Hemisphere will get longer.

Although it barely seems possible, we’ll get a little bit more sun every day. Helped along, I am sure, by all the bright and hopeful lights people have strung up on most every available surface.

And by the candles on my front porch last night.

Solstice Light

They burned all night, and with any luck at all, the sun will be so intrigued by them that she’ll come to investigate and decide to stay a while.

Solstice Light

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4 Responses to Bring Back The Sun

  1. donna lee says:

    We were due for the eclipse at 1:33 am on Tuesday. I actually woke up around then but forgot and promptly went back to sleep. I like the idea of keeping the candles burning. I left the lights on the ceramic tree my beloved aunt gave me burning all night.

  2. drkknits says:

    i have only been back in the southern hemisphere 4 days and i would gladly return north and leave the sun down here. horrid.

  3. Bells says:

    i want a dark, dark winter one day. I really do. I may change my mind once I’m in one, but I want that real feeling of sinking with nature in the depths of temperature and existence. Is that crazy?

  4. LauraRose says:

    I lit a bunch of porch candles too, and indeed one was still just hanging in there in the morning. Great minds think alike. Wishing for as much peace as possible in the coming year.

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