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Many Thanks

I am utterly and completely blown away by all of the supportive comments, virtual hugs and offers of support my desperate post last week brought out. It was a difficult and scary post to write, far outside of my comfort … Continue reading

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White Flag

I’m drowning here. Completely lost, out to sea. Pick any tired cliche for ‘overwhelmed and desperate,’ that’s my life right now. The past several months have seen the foundations of my world grow very shaky indeed. Stress at work and … Continue reading

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Bring Back The Sun

And so the earth turns. The days here in the Northern Hemisphere will get longer. Although it barely seems possible, we’ll get a little bit more sun every day. Helped along, I am sure, by all the bright and hopeful … Continue reading

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How To Make A Knitter Happy

There are several ways to make a knitter happy… many of them involve stash enhancement. This one does not. Here’s what you do: Have a baby. The knitter will knit something for the baby. Several months later, dress the baby … Continue reading

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This Needs Saying…

and there’s simply no way I could say it better. Go get a tissue, then go read this.

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The Good Tired

I earn my yarn money as an Information Technology Consultant and Systems Administrator, and most of my work is done sitting down. I spend a lot of time on the phone talking people through problems, using a super-nifty utility that … Continue reading

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I was playing around on WordPress this afternoon… sorry if I blew up your feed readers!

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